Lawyers who specialize in family law or matrimonial law deal with a variety of legal issues. As examples, a family lawyer can help a couple create a prenuptial agreement and can help a married couple file for divorce. Family lawyers can also help parents with custody battles, can oversee paternity testing arrangements, and assist with complicated estate questions like: how do I get a trust deed? This is in contrast to other types of legal specialists, like business lawyers, who are more geared towards commercial dealings and questions such as: what are and how do I address liquidated damages from a breach of contract?

A beginner’s guide to family law:

Marriages and civil union

In today’s modern society, it’s not uncommon for engaged couples to visit a family lawyer in order to create a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements help individuals protect their assets, as without a prenuptial agreement, under common law, divorced couples split all assets, including assets accumulated prior to marriage, fifty fifty. Individuals who come from wealthy families or who own property or their own business, should seriously consider signing a prenuptial agreement. In order to avoid losing half their assets, should their marriage unravel within a few a years. Family lawyers can also assist married couples with the legal side of adoption proceedings. Lastly, if a couple is seeking a civil union, instead of a traditional marriage, a family lawyer can also be called apon to handle the legal side of a civil union.

Divorce proceedings

Family lawyers can also help individuals or couples file for a divorce. If an individual is worried that their spouse will attempt to take more than their fair share of the assets which they accumulated as a married couple, they can hire a family lawyer, to negotiate a deal on their behalf. In the event, where a separated married couple is no longer on speaking terms, all legal communication can be conducted via family lawyers. If that is, both couples agree to such an arrangements. If a split couple chooses to end their marriage on amicable terms, they may want to file for a no fault divorce. However, if one party has committed adultery or has assaulted their spouse, they may be legally responsible for the demise of their marriage.

Family law and children

Family lawyers are often hired by couples who are looking to conceive a child through surrogacy or who are looking to adopt children as a couple. They are also hired by parents or grand parents who are looking to contest custody of their children or grand children. Alternatively, a parent may want to hire a family lawyer in order to fight for visitation rights. If a couple splits and one parent becomes the sole parent of a child or children, they may also hire a lawyer in order to request child support from their ex partner. Lastly, if an individual wishes to undergo a paternity test, they may also want to contact a family lawyer, to assist with legal proceedings.

Whilst many individuals assume that family lawyers spend most of their time facilitating divorce proceedings. Family lawyers can also assist couples in drawing up prenuptial agreements and help individuals contest their ex partner for custody of their children. So whether you’re looking to get married in the near future and are looking to draw up a pre nuptial agreement or you’re looking to end your marriage, or fight for visitation rights of your children, it’s well worth getting in touch with a family lawyer.